Start a Team for more fun (AND fundraising)!
Doing this Event as a group can make it feel even more rewarding and enjoyable. All you need to do is gather a total of five people—no matter what their ages, fitness levels, or preference for running or walking. Here's how to get started:

  1. Contact:  get in touch with 4 or more friends, family members and co-workers and ask them to join your team (teams must be a minimum of 5 people, but there's no limit to size: we'll award a prize for the largest team!).
  2. Register:  during your registration, indicate that you'll be a team captain and select a name for your team.
  3. Get your team registered:  once you are registered and have selected a team name, give your team members the registration link and the name of your team so they can get registered too. You are ultimately responsible for getting your team members registered and/or collecting all completed entry forms and fees. 
  4. Solicit pledges:  work as a team to collect pledges and raise donations (we'll be awarding more prizes for the top fundraisers too!).
  5. Consider costumes:  make the day extra special by wearing team costumes! We will have photographers along the route.
  6. Check in:  on the day of the event, you will need to check in with your name/team name, number of team members, and a total amount of pledges collected in order to be eligible for fundraising prizes.


Suggested Minimum Pledge: $100 per person

 Although fundraising is not required, we urge you to gather donations to help local cancer patients.  Last year, this event saw close to 1100 walkers and runners and raised $75,000: this year, the need is even greater, and with your help, we're hoping to DOUBLE the proceeds from last year's event to help even more women in cancer treatment.  If every participant raises $100, we can help more women than ever before!

Ask ten friends to donate $10 each; make a $50 donation and have your employer donate; hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds, and you'll have $100 before you know it.  But don't stop there!  All donations are welcome, and the sky is the limit.  So many people in our community have experienced cancer or cared for someone with cancer that they will be grateful for the chance to help if you just ask!

Your donations serve LOCAL women in two ways:

1) Providing IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for basic needs.  Cancer is expensive, and too often women are forced to make impossible decisions: prescription co-pays or food, miss treatment or pay the rent.  Our grants, offered on the spot to women in treatment, make an immediate, tangible difference.

2)  Providing healing baskets full of comforting, practical items.  Every women in treatment or breast or gynecologic cancer at Swedish Cancer Institute​​ can receive one of our baskets

How Your Pledges Help

  • $25 provides a Healing Basket
  • $50 can buy groceries
  • $100 pays for transportation and parking for medical appointments
  • $162 pays a utility bill
  • $250 can help with childcare
  • $500 can help prevent an eviction